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What is Brickworks Platinum Rewards™?
Brickworks Platinum Rewards™ has been specifically designed to reward customers for their loyalty. Members of the program earn Brickworks Platinum Rewards™ Points based on their spend at Austral Bricks, Bristile Roofing* and Austral Masonry. Brickworks Platinum Rewards™ Points can then be redeemed for a variety of rewards including merchandise, travel & accommodation and gift cards.

Who can participate in Brickworks Platinum Rewards™ Club?
Brickworks Limited will qualify and auto-enrol all customers who are eligible to participate in the Brickworks Platinum Rewards™ Club.

How do I Activate my Brickworks Platinum Rewards™ account?
Activating your Brickworks Platinum Rewards™ account is easy! Simply visit - you will need your Brickworks Platinum Rewards™ customer number, your postcode and an email address. Only eligible customers will be able to activate, so if you are unsure enquire with your Brickworks Account Manager.

How does Brickworks Platinum Rewards™ work?
As a members of the Brickworks Platinum Rewards™ Club you will earn 1 Brickworks Platinum Rewards™ Point for every dollar spend at Austral Bricks, Bristile Roofing* and Austral Masonry. There will also be opportunities to earn Bonus Platinum Rewards Points from time to time, so you can boost your Points balance even faster. Once you have enough Platinum Rewards Points for the Reward of your choice, you can redeem online at or call the Brickworks Platinum Rewards™ Club Centre on 1300 407 238 for assistance.

Are there any changes to the way I buy from Austral Bricks, Bristile Roofing* and Austral Masonry to Participate in Brickworks Platinum Rewards™?
No. Simply carry on as normal. Increase your spending with us for even greater Rewards.

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How can I find out how many Brickworks Platinum Rewards™ Points I have?
We will send you a Rewards Statement each month (initially via post and then by email) or you can login to the Brickworks Platinum Rewards™ website at and check your progress in Your Account.

What can I redeem my Brickworks Platinum Rewards™ Points for?
There's a wide range of the latest brand name products, from companies such as Breville, Callaway, Philips, Samsung, Black & Decker, Carribee, Coleman, Panasonic and others. You can also redeem your points for shopping vouchers from various retailers including Myer, The Athlete's Foot, JB Hi-Fi, Dymocks and Barbeques Galore or for once in a lifetime experiences including a drive in a V8 racing car, events or travel.

If I have more than one Brickworks Customer Account can I combine my Points to achieve my Reward?
Yes, this is called Points Pooling. Please contact the Brickworks Platinum Rewards™ Centre on 1300 407 238 for assistance with this and be sure to have both your Customer Numbers ready.

What is Points Plus Pay?
Points Plus Pay makes it really easy to receive your Rewards sooner by giving you the flexibility to use your Brickworks Platinum Rewards™ Points for part of your Reward and pay the balance on your credit card. A minimum points amount applies, but you can nominate the amount of Points you use and the amount that is therefore left to Pay.

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What is Auto-Redemption and how does it work?
You can redeem your Reward Points automatically for selected rewards by setting up an Auto-Redemption. You have three options:

1. Annual Auto-Redemption*
Simply choose the date when you wish to redeem your Reward Points each year. It could be just before your birthday, so you can buy yourself a treat. Or perhaps you would prefer to redeem your Reward Points just before the holiday season. The date you choose for the Annual Auto-Redemption option is up to you.

2. Periodic Auto-Redemption*
Redeem your Reward Points every 3, 6 or 12 months.

3. Reward Value Auto-Redemption*
Automatically receive select rewards when you have accumulated sufficient Reward Points. For example, you could choose to receive a $100 Myer Gift Card as soon as you have enough Reward Points to redeem that reward.

To set up an Auto-Redemption go to Redeem Rewards, select a reward and click “Set up Auto-Redemption” and follow the prompts.

You may also choose to allow your Reward Points to accumulate and redeem them at your convenience.

* It can take up to 28 days for your reward to be sent to you once you qualify for the Auto-Redemption. For Auto-Redemption options 1 & 2, at the time of the Auto-Redemption you will receive as many of your selected reward that you are eligible for with your Reward Points balance at that time. For Auto-Redemption option 1 the reward would be sent to you up to 28 days after the date you nominate if you have sufficient Reward Points to qualify for the redemption. To change or cancel future Auto-Redemption options go to Manage My Account. If an Auto-Redemption had been processed, any changes made to Auto-Redemption preferences will only be applicable for future redemptions.

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Can I get my reward delivered to anyone?
Yes, you can. Your Reward can be delivered to any address you specify, except a PO Box. You can nominate the address required when you redeem online or via the Brickworks Platinum Rewards™ Centre on 1300 407 238. Any change to address made via this method is used for that redemption only and does not change your records at Brickworks or for future redemptions. Note: redemptions regardless of the physical address they are sent to are always addressed in the Member's Company name.

How long will it take to receive my Reward?
We will endeavour to deliver rewards as soon as possible, however, please allow 28 days for delivery of all redeemed rewards.

Whom do I contact if I have a question about the program?
Visit you local Austral Bricks, Bristile Roofing* and Austral Masonry outlet or call the Brickworks Platinum Rewards™ Centre on 1300 407 238.

* Excludes Bristile Roofing Westcoast & Supply and Lay.

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